Last Standing Poet

Posted on May 18, 2011


Go’s music authority, Ramzi Ghurani, sits down with Jordanian hip-hop artist, Last Standing Poet, for a fresh perspective on the local, regional, and international music scene.

Last Standing Poet

Go: What made you start?
Last Standing Poet: What encouraged me to start producing music was the guerrilla-style production of underground hip-hop
artist, Benefit; he proved that you don’t need an expensive set-up to compete.

Go: Who produces your music?
LSP: Unless I am collaborating on somebody else’s project, I produce all of my music entirely by myself.

Go: Which generation of hip-hop had the most influence on you?
LSP: The golden and genuine era of
the 90s.

Go: Which artists had the most influence on you?
LSP: Pete Rock, DJ Premier, J. Dilla, Masta Ace, and Benefit.

Go: What will it take to elevate hip-hop to the next level in the Middle East?
LSP: As of recent, the future of Middle Eastern hip-hop, including Jordan is looking brighter than ever, but to elevate it further the attention of major labels, international media, and artists using locally catered platforms such as needs to take place.

Go: You did a show with Emad Alaeddin, recently, can you tell us a little bit about that experience?
LSP: The shows were dope; it was good to work with a fellow Jordanian-based artist, especially from a different genre. We’re actually going to do several more shows together in Germany and the UK, along with Jason Manns.

Go: How can fans-to-be gain access to your music?
LSP: I have a regularly updated Website ( which provides visitors with a large amount of streamable and downloadable content, including my latest project, the, No Class, Just Style LP. Check it out!

Go: If there is one thing you want your fans to know about you, what is it?
LSP: That I truly appreciate all of the support and love I have received in the past years.

Go: Any shout outs before we go?
LSP: I definitely want to give a shout out to people making a difference; The Recipe, Jabbar, General Browns, Vaughn, Fredwreck, Sotusura, Offendum, GO, BennyCap, Greg B. & Gumball 3000.

Featured in Go Magazine, Issue #1, November 2010.

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